May 5, 2022

REL T/x Serie

The new progression of REL’s entry level subs now moves to the T/x Serie. With a redesign of the subs from the ground up, T/x proves to be the best entry level adaptation yet. With redesigned cabinets, drivers and amplifiers, the T/x is a true upgrade from previous Serie.


The Range consists of 3 subwoofers, the T/5x being the smallest of the three, before moving to the T/7x then to the largest of all the T/9x. Not only does physical size increase between each model, but the overall output and depth increases too. Depending on room size performance varies, so the needs of the room need to be tailored around the subwoofer selection. But don’t fear, the combination of the T/x Serie allows the customer to best spec their system and room for their needs, whether it be stereo or home theatre. If you have any concerns about subwoofer selection for your system or room, be sure to use REL’s trusty Subwoofer Finder Tool to help you out! Click here to check it out!


REL have also paid close attention to the aesthetic of their new subwoofers, with T/x having a rounded corner, that allows the eye to flow over and see less visible mass. The result of which is a range of subwoofers than not only pack a punch, but look the part in the modern age as well.


Not only do these subwoofers have the famous REL Neutrix Connection, but they also have the ability to be wireless with the REL Arrow. This adaptor allows the subwoofer to receive both its LFE and Hi Level input from the amplifier wirelessly, without loosing any of the quality.


REL don’t just consider the performance of the sub, but they also understand that their customer’s expect the subs to last a long time. By using higher quality components internally, REL is able to ensure the performance you know and love for an extended period of time, giving your REL Sub the lifespan you would expect.


Where to Buy

REL T/5x


As described by REL, the T/5x is “stunningly simple”, with a downward firing 8 inch driver, paired with a 125 Watts Class A/B Amplifier. The use of Class A/B in the subs is trickle down technology that REL have been developing for years, and finally the new T/x Serie is reaping the benefits.


Borrowing it’s 8 inch long throw driver from its bigger sibling the T/7x, the T/5x is capable of producing clear and defined bass frequencies. By positioning the aluminium and paper driver downwards, the frequencies are able to fill the room more evenly and produce a uniform sound.


The internal bracing has been increased and improved in order to support the bigger forces put on the cabinet due to increase power. Overall, these changes allow the T/5x to be more agile and in the words of REL “taking the handling from a SUV to that of a sports car with more finesse”.

REL T/7x


REL describe the T/7x as “the practically perfect REL”, combining a passive downward firing 8 inch driver and an active 10 inch front firing driver, allowing bass frequencies to fully envelop your room. Harmoniously balancing structural rigidity, power and performance, the T/7x extends fully to completely reproduce bass within the music with speed and precision.


Using a 200 Watt Class A/B Amplifier, the T/7x is able to reach deeper with better clarity. The additional power and current allows the subwoofer to perform more accurately and more evenly fill the space with bass frequencies. By creating a structurally rigid cabinet, that is able to withstand the additional forces the increase in power creates, REL are able to create a high performing subwoofer at an affordable price.


With greater power comes the need for a better power supply. And REL have not forgotten this, increasing the size of the toroidal transformer in the T/7x. The higher capacity PSU allows the sub to output power more precisely providing better definition overall.

REL T/9x


As the biggest sub in the T/x range, the T/9x is bigger and better. With a greater output steaming from bigger drivers and amplification, the Flagship T/x Serie Subwoofer is able to extend right down to the depths of the sub bass spectrum.



Using two 10 inch aluminium and paper drivers, one active firing towards the front and the other firing downwards passively, the T/9x provides high detail for any space or use case. As with all T/x Serie Subs, the T/9x is well suited to both Home Theatre and Stereo applications. Using a 300 Watt Class A/B amplifier provides current reserves that allow the subwoofer to perform with high detail and clarity.



The reinforced cabinet, providing bracing for the addition power the sub has, allows for a more clear sound output. By supporting the cabinet more, there is less flex, which therefore doesn’t impact the drivers, allowing them to perform at their best. The overall outcome is a subwoofer that performs to the best of its capabilities at all times.