May 5, 2022

Rega Kyte

The Kyte Bookshelf Speakers are the new entry level in Rega’s Speaker offerings. All components of the speakers are hand built in the UK in house by Rega, including the Drivers.┬áThe speakers use Rega’s MX-125 Mid Bass Driver and corresponding ZRR Tweeter to provide a full range experience for any Hi Fi Enthusiast.



The Cabinet of the speaker is a single piece of moulded phenolic resin, with an internal ceramic brace to provide structural rigidity. The additional bracing also helps by reducing unwanted resonances that interfere with the precise output of the speakers themselves. The decision to make the speakers through injection moulding of phenolic resin rather than via conventional timber or MDF techniques came from the drive to provide a great product at a very reasonable price for the consumer. By reducing material costs as well as weight, Rega were able to make the Kytes a more attainable product for many consumers.

As described by website, HiFi and Stereo, the Kyte is “no normal speaker” but perform in a “beautiful musical way”. They praise Rega’s bold design choices as ones that work in the speakers favour. The softer nature of the ZRR tweeter means the Kytes are not fatiguing over a long period of time and are “very easy to listen to”. To read the full review, click here.


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