November 11, 2020

New McIntosh Products Arriving Soon

MA12000 Integrated Amplifier – $27,995

The fully loaded, hybrid MA12000 Integrated Amplifier is a product of uncompromising audio engineering and expert craftsmanship. McIntosh’s most powerful integrated amplifier ever, the feature rich MA12000 offers 350 Watts per channel of clean, high performance power that produces a breathtaking home audio experience. You will think your favorite musicians are playing a live, in-person performance in your house.

The MA12000 preamplifier section is powered by four 12AX7A vacuum tubes, while the 350 Watt power amplifier section employs a solid state design. There are 10 analog inputs on the MA12000 and seven digital audio inputs within the (Roon Tested) DA2 Digital Audio Module.

The MA12000 offers the best of all worlds with the warm nuances of a vacuum tube preamplifier combined with the speed and raw power of a solid state amplifier. It has state-of-the-art digital audio capabilities, and enough analog audio connections for any home music system.


New Home Theatre Products

The MX100 AV Processor and MI347 7-Channel Digital Amplifier represent a streamlined approach to McIntosh’s home theatre product offerings. Designed to be heard more than seen, both can easily be mounted in a hidden or out-of-the-way A/V equipment rack. The MX100 has a 2U height and the MI347 has a 3U height and come with Rack Mounting Brackets. Pairing the MX100 and MI347 will deliver an edge-of-your-set home theatre experience.

MX100 AV Processor – $10,495

The MX100 AV Processor is designed for today’s home theatres that only need digital inputs. It offers unparalleled home theatre performance in a streamlined design for the very best experience watching HD and 4K programming, Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD discs, and DVDs.

The MX100 has four 18Gbps HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, supporting HDR formats, HDR10 and HLG 4K Ultra HD. It has 11.2 discrete audio channels and premium 32-bit DACs- providing audiophile grade processing. The MX100 is connects to a home theatre amplifier via its 13 balanced XLR outputs.

MI347 7-Channel Digital Amplifier $10,495

The MI347 7-Channel Digital Amplifier is a dedicated home theatre amplifier that delivers an immersive sonic experience for your home theatre. It uses highly sophisticated closed loop digital switching amplifiers that are paired with extremely robust power supplies that produce audio performance levels rarely heard in home theatres.

The MI347 delivers 250 Watts at 8 Ohms or 300 Watts at 4 Ohms to the front left, front right, and centre channel speaker. The MI347’s other four channels drive the surround sound or ceiling speakers with 125 Watts at 8 Ohms or 200 Watts at 4 Ohms.


MC830 Mono-Block Amplifier – $8,495 (each)

The MC830 is a Mono-Block Solid State Amplifier that features an open chassis industrial design similar to McIntosh’s popular MC275 Vacuum Tube Amplifier, and MA252 and MA352 Integrated Amplifiers. A pair of MC830s, when combined with preamplifier (such as the matching C8 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier), source components, and a pair of speakers, can deliver a true-to-life home audio experience.

The MC830 is a direct coupled output design that is rated at 300 Watts at 8 Ohms or 480 Watts at 4 Ohms. A fast-responding Dual Scale Watt meter gives an accurate readout of power output for both speaker impedances. McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks™ add visual appeal and will keep the MC830 running cool for optimum performance. Both a balanced and unbalanced input are included for connecting it to the rest of your home music system.


C8 Preamplifier – $6,995

The C8 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier has an open chassis industrial design similar to McIntosh’s popular MC275 Vacuum Tube Amplifier, and is also similarly sized to the MA252 Integrated Amplifier. Itis powered by four 12AX7a vacuum tubes housed inside stylish protective cages.

The C8 comes with 1 balanced and 2 unbalanced analog inputs, plus 1 Moving Coil and 1 Moving Magnet phono inputs with adjustable loading to play cherished vinyl collections. All inputs can be given user-friendly names in order to simplify user control. Bass and treble tone controls help fine tune your music to your personal preferences. For outputs, it has 1 balanced and 2 unbalanced; 1 of the unbalanced outputs can be configured as a subwoofer output for use with a powered subwoofer to further enhance low frequencies.


MC1502 Vacuum Tube Amplifier – $21,995

The MC1502 shares the timeless styling of our classic MC275 Vacuum Tube Amplifier. As the MC1502 has twice the stereo power rating of the MC275 (150 Watts vs. 75 Watts) and is physically larger, in many ways it can be considered the MC275’s big brother. And while a pair of MC275s can be run in mono to achieve the 150 Watts per channel output of the MC1502, the MC1502 boasts a better signal-to-noise ratio of 112dB vs. 105dB for the MC275 pairing – producing an even quieter performance than the already quiet MC275.

The MC1502 is powered by eight KT88 output vacuum tubes, with four assigned to each stereo channel. It also has eight small signal tubes, consisting of four 12AX7A and four 12AT7 vacuum tubes; two of each of these vacuum tubes are dedicated to each audio channel.


C22 Mk V Vacuum Tube Preamplifier – $11,995

This newest version of the McIntosh C22 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier – the Mk V – is the direct replacement to our highly regarded C70 Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Vacuum Tube Preamplifier, which commemorated our 70th Anniversary that took place in 2019. The new C22 Mk V is the latest McIntosh vacuum tube preamplifier to carry the cherished C22 model number. It has all the performance of the acclaimed C70 but with the hallowed C22 moniker and its signature glass and aluminum front panel design.

The C22 Mk V uses one 12AT7 and five 12AX7A vacuum tubes which can be seen through a glass panel located on the top of the preamp. Knobs and rocker switches operate all control functions while modern LED lights indicate input selection and volume level. The C22 Mk V has two balanced inputs, three unbalanced inputs, one Moving Coil and one Moving Magnet phono inputs, for a total of seven inputs. There are two pairs each of balanced and unbalanced output connections; the two outputs allow sending signals to two separate power amplifier