Chord Sarum T Super ARAY Digital RCA 1M

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Sarum T builds on the success of our acclaimed Sarum Super ARAY range and introduces our breakthrough proprietary insulation material, Taylon®, bringing a major performance upgrade. Sarum T brings the remarkable benefits of our proprietary dielectric at a new, more accessible price level. Previous generations of Sarum Super ARAY cables have featured a PTFE dielectric. The upgrade to Taylon® introduces a raft of performance benefits.


Earlier versions of Sarum cables can be upgraded to Sarum T specification. Contact your nearest Chord Company Sarum retailer for prices and further information.


Available as RCA, BNC and AES/EBU terminations.


  • Sarum T brings the remarkable benefits of Chord’s proprietry Taylon® insulation material
  • Super ARAY technology brings new level of musicality
  • Unique coaxial structure used specifically for digital
  • Single central conductor that is micro polished before being silver-plated
  • Shielded with heavy gauge silver-plated wire helix
  • Separate signal and return conductors
  • Utilizes new PTFE RCA plugs, XLR (AES-EBU) or BNC connector