June 25, 2021

Ruark Audio R1 Beach Hut Blue

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The Sound of Summer

Since its introduction last year the updated design of the fourth generation R1 has seen critical acclaim across the globe.

Ruark Audio has announced their first limited edition R1 Mk4 colourway for Summer 2021, with this eye-catching edition aptly named ‘Beach Hut Blue’.  With many of us looking forward to ‘brighter’ days ahead, R1 Beach Hut Blue is a perfect ‘feel good’ addition for any home that will bring memories of summer and great entertainment all year round.

The design of the radio enclosure makes it an ideal acoustically inert housing for Ruark’s Class A-B amplifier with adaptive equalisation and NS+ driver, resulting in a highly listenable sound at all volume levels. The OLED display vividly shows time and programme information and adjusts automatically to suit light levels making it a perfect bedside companion.

Reception of both Digital and Analogue transmissions is excellent, and FM parameters can be set to suit both US and Japanese requirements. R1 also supports most languages making it a truly international proposition and with its real time clock, time and date are kept live when power is disconnected or when transmitted data is not available. Other highlights include a quality Bluetooth receiver , USB-C charge and playback port, switchable auxiliary input and headphone output. Finally, Ruark’s trademark RotoDial makes R1 easy to operate and for those seeking distant operation, there is a compact remote control available as an optional extra.

The Beach Hut Blue R1 has a contemporary new look which the design conscious will love, and for those avid radio listeners, will bring a new level of enjoyment.

R1 Beach Hut Blue will be a limited edition with only 1,000 units available worldwide. Click here to find a Ruark stockist.

Where to buy