May 7, 2021

The Cambridge Audio Evo all-in-one system

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Cambridge Audio has been at the forefront of British audio innovation for over 50 years and Evo represents an evolution in hi-fi: an all-in-one music player that combines timeless design, cutting edge technology, streaming smarts, and incredible audio performance into one streamlined and compact box. You simply need to add speakers to start enjoying music.

Minimal, timeless design

Designed in Cambridge Audio’s London studio, Evo’s minimal and timeless aesthetic will fit into any interior and lifestyle. Lead designer Ged Martin chose premium materials and used industrial design principles to create a product that champions simplicity and will endure for many years.

Taking inspiration from the wood trims of the iconic P40, Cambridge Audio’s first ever product from 1968, Evo has beautiful walnut wood side panels that complement the sleek, black anodised aluminium cabinet. Evo also comes with a choice of formed black side panels made from Richlite, an innovative new material made primarily from recycled paper. The side panels can be switched out according to each customer’s style.
Completing Evo’s elegant design is a dual-concentric rotary dial and large 6.8in LCD display panel that shows off album artwork in full colour.

High Quality Hi-Fi Sound

Over five decades of Cambridge Audio’s sound and design expertise is distilled into one piece of hi-fi: Evo.

In the company’s London headquarters, a team of talented engineers spent hundreds of hours listening to Evo and tuning it to perfection. All to ensure Evo delivers an extraordinarily enjoyable sound performance – no matter what you’re listening to.

Evo uses high quality components and is powered by a revolutionary Hypex NCore® Class D amplification, which reproduces every detail in your music while remaining compact and energy efficient. Evo comprises two models: Evo 150 is rated at 150 watts per channel, and Evo 75 has 75 watts per channel.

The Hypex NCore® power module was specifically chosen by Cambridge Audio’s engineers as it offers class-leading audio performance and produces clear advantages in clarity, resolution and musicality. It’s a big part of what makes Evo such an enjoyable listen.

Optimized for streaming


At the heart of Evo lies Cambridge Audio’s powerful StreamMagic platform. It’s designed to be the best-sounding streaming platform around and supports the latest digital music formats and services. Both Evo models use powerful ESS Sabre DACs to ensure all digital music is converted to analogue sound with every ounce of detail, precision, and dynamics intact.

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