ELAC Audio Alchemy DDP-2 DAC/Preamplifier

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Alchemy transforms your listening.

The Alchemy DDP-2 combines three components in one elegant piece of gear to give you the highest-quality digital-to-analogue converter, preamp and digital streamer we know how to make. Then we combined it in a single chassis only 1U (1.75 inches) high.

The preamplifier offers maximum flexibility, while incorporating DAC and streaming functions to make the DDP-2 the centerpiece of your digital system.



  • Dual 32 bit/384 kHz DAC operating in digitally balanced mode
  • Custom-selectable DSP filter profiles.
  • Selectable resolution enhancement upgrades 16 bit to 24 bit, and 24 bit to 32 bit.
  • DSD up to 4X
  • Ultra-low phase noise Phase-Locked Loop jitter filter.
  • MQA capable.
  • Discovery, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Roon endpoint.
  • High-efficiency switching power supply for digital stages.
  • Home theater bypass mode
  • Fully discrete FET, with DC servo-control
  • Ultra-low-noise DC voltage regulators
  • Digitally controlled analogue volume control
  • Toroidal transformer and linear power supply for analogue stages
  • Ethernet port for software updates, command and control.
  • 12 V trigger with pass-through
  • IR control and learning
  • OLED Display for clear user information
  • iOS and Android app configuration


Digital Inputs: USB, (2) Coaxial, (2) Optical, AES/EBU, (2) I2S (Alchemy & HDMI)

Streaming Inputs: Ethernet, Bluetooth, WIFI

Supported Services: PCM, DSD, DoP, ROON endpoint, Spotify Connect, AirPlay option, MQA capable (MQA Coming Soon)

Frequency Response (Digital): 10hz-20khz +/- 0.2dB

Nominal THD+N (digital): <0.01%

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (1 kHz) (Digital):>110dB

Sample Rates: 44.1, 48. 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384KHz

Output Voltage (Digital): 7.0V RMS @0dBFs

Analogue Inputs: XLR Balanced, (2) RCA Unbalanced

Input Impedance: RCA=18K, XLR=36K

Frequency Response (Analogue): 10hz-20khz +/- 0.2dB

Nominal THD+N (Analogue): <0.001%

Signal-To-Noise Ratio (1 kHz) (Analogue): >110dB

Output Voltage (Analogue): >10.0V RMS

Crosstalk (L-to-R or R-to-L): >110dB 10-1K, >80dB 1K-20K

Gain: 12dB (Input Dependent)

Output Impedance: 50 Ohms

Analogue Outputs: XLR Balanced, (1) RCA Unbalanced (Fixed Gain) (1) RCA Unbalanced (Variable)

Available Finishes: Black

Dimensions (HxWxD) in: 02.00 x 17.50 x 15.00 including jacks

Net Weight: 6.35 kgs