Chord Odyssey 2 Speaker Cable 60M Reel

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The most popular and the most compatible speaker cable we produce, Odyssey lives happily in budget, mid and reference systems alike. Whatever system you use Odyssey with, you can be sure that dynamics are carried well and that instruments have a weight and reality to them. Cymbals are noticeably more realistic and acoustic guitars and pianos more lifelike; this ability to carry dynamic information so well means that Odyssey produces a remarkably musical and coherent sound. Good enough in fact to win the Hi-fi News Best Speaker Cable award for five years in a row.


Each set of conductors is made up of 19 strands of silver-plated oxygen free copper surrounded by PTFE insulation. These are heavier conductors than the ones in Rumour and it’s these that give everything (voices, drums, guitars and acoustic instruments) a certain weight and rightness.


Whatever the system and whatever the speakers, Odyssey is a must try speaker cable.


  • 2mm diameter multi-strand silver-plated conductors
  • Oxygen free copper conductors
  • PTFE Insulation for neutral tonal characteristics
  • Twisted pair configuration
  • Vibration damping silicone outer jacket to minimize mechanical noise
  • 8mm diameter