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DAC / Digital Preamps

321 Decoding Computer

Quick Overview:

Wadia's superior technical performance with sleek, industrial design.

Main Features

• 192 kHz/24 bit sampling rate
• Five digital inputs, including USB
• Variable analog output
• Beautiful industrial design of glass and aluminum

Intuition 01 Power DAC

Quick Overview:

Wadia has advanced its tradition of progressive technology and industrial design, to deliver a product with the utmost in performance and aesthetics while also being environmentally conscious. Intuition focuses on the digital inputs, with 192 kHz/24 bit resolution for Coax, optical and AES and 38...

Main Features

Design and Performance

Wadia Intuition is an alluring experience for both the ears and eyes. Its design is proudly made in Italy.


Digital Inputs

7 Digital Inputs: 1xUSB, 1xTOSLINK Optical, 2xWadialink(I2S), ...

di122 Digital Audio Decoder
Price: AU$1999

di122 Digital Audio Decoder

Quick Overview:

The Wadia di122 two-channel digital audio decoder integrates Wadia’s superior technical performance with our new Series 1 mini industrial design. Its sleek, modern aesthetic is compact in size to fit in virtually any location while complementing any surrounding. Combine it with the a102 amp...

Main Features
  • Compact: With a width and depth of just 10" (25.4cm) and a height less than 3.25" (8.25cm), the di122 can be placed in almost any space. 
  • User Flexibility: A single unit that accepts both DSD...