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Phono Preamplifiers

PH9 Phono Preamplifier
Price: AU$14495

PH9 Phono Preamplifier

Quick Overview:

The PH9 phono preamplifier is a great pairing with most cartridge and turntable combinations. A trio of 6H30 vacuum tubes are at the core of a simple and clear signal path to provide the most transparent preamplification possible. Five different impedance settings allow for cartridge loading, whi...

Main Features
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: ±.2 dB of RIAA, 5 Hz to 20kHz; 1 dB points below 0.3Hz and above 80 kHz
  • DISTORTION: Less than .015% at 3V RMS 1kHz output
  • GAIN: 55 dB at 1 kHz
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE: Selectable loads: 47k, ...