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Synergy Audio Visual is an importer and distributor of premium audio and video products for Australia through a network of specialist retailers.

However, from time to time we have a selection of 'B' stock (opened, marked or graded) and 'discontinued' stock available for purchase through this website direct to the end user at reduced rate. 

All products are detailed with a condition report.




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Rega Aria Phono Preamp (Black) - S/N: 487
RRP: AU$1799 Now: AU$1549

Rega Aria Phono Preamp (Black) - S/N: 487

Quick Overview:

The Aria is an "all analogue amplifier" with no digital control circuitry. The fully aluminium case screens the internal circuit from any stray RFI signals. Our designers have avoided including any superfluous gadgets as they obstruct the signal path and degrade the sound quality. The A...

Main Features
  • Maximum output level: 11V RMS
  • Rated output level: 200mV
  • Output resistance: 100Ù
  • Minimum output resistance for a -3dB point at 15Hz: 1K
  • AC supply 230V & 115V Nominal +/- 10%
  • ...

Fono MM (Black) - S/N: 97785
RRP: AU$449 Now: AU$349

Fono MM (Black) - S/N: 97785

Quick Overview:

The new Fono MM is a moving magnet disc stage which has been designed to be effective, easy to use and above all reproduce music. The new surface mount board layout has been optimised to work with the latest generation of RP turntables.

Main Features
  • Input sensitivity = 3mV for 200mV output
  • Input loading = 47KW in parallel with 100pF
  • Maximum input level = 100mV
  • Minimum output load impedance = 36.5dB
  • Power requirements = 24VAC @ 110mA (Rega PS...

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